This is the carb we have all been waiting for! The power of a DCOE sidedraft without the complication and setup headaches! The “Outlaw” is a twin 38mm synchronous choke downdraft. It’s bigger than the standard 32/36mm DGV downdraft and both barrels open together, creating more horsepower and greater off the line torque. It will fit on the standard downdraft manifold and uses the same air filter and linkage kit. Perfect for stage 1 and stage 2 applications, although many owners have fitted them to stock engines with good results.

Genuine vs after-market Webers
Genuine Webers are made in Spain. They have been for years. They are the real deal. The after-market ones are Chinese copies! They are not the same quality as the genuine units. The market place has been flooded with these Chinese knock-offs and some web sellers are selling them as “genuine”. It is easy to tell the difference between them. The genuine Weber is embossed in the casting with the Weber logo and “Made in Spain”. The Chinese after-market units have a simple Weber logo sticker. Make sure you ask when you are comparing products. Buy the real deal and save yourself the headache of trying to sort out a poorly made carb.


ODW001 Genuine Weber Outlaw Kit $439.95
WEB011 38 DGES Carb only (electric auto choke) $355.95
WSK005 Weber Ultra kit 38 DGES w/ Bell Stainless Header
For those who want the most out of their street car.

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