Only a fool hops-up his engine and neglects his brakes! Seemingly there are a lot of fools out there because many ‘B’s have terrible brakes. We don’t think the problem is that these owners are fools only that they are fooled. The MGB is an old car and brakes weren’t very good back then, right? Wrong!! MGBs have very good brakes! If yours doesn’t then something is wrong. We get a chance to test drive many ‘B’s and many owners are just not aware how bad their brakes are until we point it out. We can’t afford to lose our customers to mishaps!

So listen up! Spongy brakes are not stock. Pulling to one side was not a design flaw. Barely slowing when you have both feet jamming the pedal to the floor is not standard. Yes, down shifting does help slow down the car, but it is not what the engineers had in mind. The ‘B’ has excellent brakes! Make sure yours does too! Our Major Brake Kit takes all the guess work out of what you need to completely overhaul your brakes. Every weak and wearing component is included.


MBK001 Major Brake Kit (Metal Pads) $195.90
MBK001A Major Brake Kit (V8 Pads) $204.90