The rear suspension is very simple and straightforward. Still it has its problems. The most obvious is that the stock springs tend to fatigue and the rear of the car squats down. This is as much a product of age as it is miles. We are now getting springs from England that are better than the originals and will hold up much longer.

Never ever re-arch an MGB spring. Not unless you enjoy throwing money away. Re-arched springs will last less than 5,000 miles before they start to fatigue.

Make sure you replace all the rubber bushings and mounting pads when you change out the springs. As these help isolate road shock and add control to the spring, it only makes sense.

Another problem is the rubber rebound straps. They tend to crack and split apart. It may seem odd, but they do help the handling by keeping the rear body roll to a minimum and the shocks from over extending.

We have put together a rear kit to take care of all these typical wear components.


RSK001 Rear Suspension Kit (62-67) $215.95
RSK002 Rear Suspension Kit – Rdstr (68-74) $205.95
RSK002GT Rear Suspension Kit – GT (68-74) $272.95
RSK003 Rear Suspension Kit (75-80) $289.95

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