Peco Header & Peco/peco Combo

Good breathing equals power! A good exhaust system will make a huge difference to the breathing of your engine. In order to fill the cylinder with fuel, you have to empty the exhaust of the previous charge. A good exhaust system allows the cylinder to empty quicker and more completely than a stock system. The better exhaust systems will scavenge! This is when the flow of gases is so fast it causes a partial vacuum in the cylinder that aids in pulling in the new fuel mixture. Don’t neglect the power of an exhaust. A good header and system can increase horsepower by as much as 15%!

Peco Headers from England are the best. Period! Whether you are looking to improve the performance of a stock motor or get everything you can for a full blown racer, the Peco Header will do the job. The MGB is unique because it has three exhaust ports. This means the center port is being shared by two cylinders while the side ports are being fed by only one. This makes it tricky to design a correctly tuned header. The Peco is one of the few headers that are tuned correctly with the long center branch pipe that is oversized proportionately to the two side pipes. Matches perfectly with the Peco Big Bore Exhaust System in both fit and performance.


PEX004 Peco Racing Header Out of stock
PEX034 Peco/ Peco Combo
Buy the famous Peco header and exhaust as a package and save!
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