Rust particles will ruin your engine. MGB gas tanks rust! The rust is so small that much of it gets by the fuel filter and gets into the combustion chamber. This acts like sand paper and can wear out the rings within five thousand miles! MGB tanks tend to rust from the outside in and from the top. Water collects between the trunk floor and the tank and rots the top of the tank. Thus many ‘B’s leak gas when they are fully loaded with gas. Often the owner is completely unaware of the gas dripping onto his hot exhaust! The only telling sign is the subtle stain left on the muffler.

The Gas Tank System is the way to buy your tank. Tanks are now made of Ni-Terne steel.


GTS001 Gas Tank System 1965-70 $209.50
GTS002 Gas Tank System 1971-76 $215.50
GTS003 Gas Tank System 1977-80 $199.50

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