This is the part of the web-site where we list out all the rules and restrictions. Where we tell you all the reasons you can and can’t return things, all the disclaimers of liabilities and generally all things that tell you once you’ve bought something, you are stuck with it, like it or not. This is normally where you’d find two pages of fine print that you can’t read, but don’t dare not to. But not us!

We will climb out on a limb and answer all that with:

We offer 100% customer satisfaction! We try to do whatever makes it right for you. We alway support you and the parts you buy from us. There is never any question about it. People are more important than parts! This is our Guarantee!

How can we offer this you ask? It is simple. We find that MG owners are thrilled to have better than average support and back up. With very few exceptions, problems can easily be worked out with old fashion communication. We rarely have a customer take advantage of our carte blanche guarantee.

When you buy from us there is zero risk!
Whatever the problem, you are covered!