Early distributors (25D units) have all sorts of problems, even when they were factory new. Engine vibrations, high speed misfiring, heavy running and wet weather weak sparking are all typical early ignition gremlins. Not to mention burning up points in less than 2,000 miles! The later electronic systems weren’t much better. Though they solved the points wear problem and gave smoother performance, they were curved for the lowly 63 HP fully smogged engines and so were unsuitable for any performance upgrades. But the real problem was that they fail completely within 50,000 miles. But with so many ignition options available, what will work for your ‘B’?

We have taken the guess work out of ignition upgrades and have put together a proven package that will work well with most of the popular Stage 1 performance upgrades ( and it will work well with stock engines as well). The Ultimate Ignition Kit uses a European-spec 45D distributor, curved for 100-110 horse. This long-lasting distributor has the correct timing for most mild performance applications. This is a NEW unit and comes complete with vacuum advance, drive dog, cap, rotor, points & condenser. We have tested these units for several hundred thousand miles in our own cars and find that they perform flawlessly giving us 30,000 miles between point changes! In this kit we have matched it with a 40,000 volt internally resisted coil and a set of triple wrapped silicon plug wires! Now your ignition will be bullet-proof!

Call us and let us set up an ignition package for you!

UIK001 Ultimate Ignition Kit – Points unit – fits 1963 – 80 $139.95


UIK001E Ultimate Ignition Kit – Electronic unit – fits 1963 – 80 $259.95

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