The interior of any convertible takes a lot of abuse. The sun bakes the rugs and vinyl, bleaching out the color and making the material hard and brittle. Dirt, from years of sitting with the top down, gets deep into the seats and rugs, making them so discolored that no cleaner will ever restore them. And, of course, the rain pours in even with the top up and soaks the carpets and warps the door panels. The seat foams break down along with the seat webbing until you are virtually sitting on the floor, and rips seem to spring out of nowhere.

Replacing the seats only makes the carpets and panels look worse. Replacing the rugs makes the seats seem like you got them from the dump. Sometimes the best thing is to replace the entire interior all at once.

We offer a Complete Interior Restoration Kit to redo your interior to original condition. There is no need to go looking through catalogs and finding all the parts you need. Here is an affordable kit that has what you’ll need. Based upon our experience in restoring many a’B’ interior, it gives you all the components that normally need replacing. This is the perfect kit if you are changing the color of your interior!

Our interior kit, the highest original quality interior components at the lowest possible package price. Buying the Complete Interior Kit saves you money to put towards other areas of your restoration. All pieces are made to original quality specs and the patterns are identical to the originals.

Available in the original colors: Black & Autumn Leaf (beige was used on 1977 – 80 cars, but is currently unavailable)

CIK001 1970-72 – black $1235.90
CIK002 1970-72 – autumn leaf $1235.90
CIK003 1973-76 – black $1235.90
CIK004 1973-76 – autumn leaf $1235.90
CIK005 1977-80 – black $1235.90
CIK006 1977-80 – autumn leaf $1235.90
CIK008 1970-72 – black $1299.90
CIK009 1970-72 – autumn leaf $1299.90
CIK010 1973-74 – black $1299.90
CIK011 1973-74 – autumn leaf $1299.90