Looking for an increase in power and reliability without any downside? The Stage 1 Kit is for you!

The ultra-reliable Weber Outlaw Downdraft Carburetor is matched to the popular Cannon Header to improve the inflow and outflow of fuel/exhaust gases. The valve breathing is taken care of by a Street Performance cam, delivering a wide and gutsy power band. The ignition is updated and recurved to match with a European-spec distributor and 40,000 volt coil.

With this kit, you can expect power to come on at 1500 rpm and pull steadily to 6300. In third gear, you will be able to pull up from 15 mph without slipping the clutch and accelerate to 80 mph without having to shift into fourth! Gas mileage (without overdrive) should be in the 25-28 range in town and 30 mpg on the highway. Reliability will be greatly increased and maintenance will be dramatically reduced. With the Weber you set once and forget it. The Eurospec distributor will not need new points and condenser for 30,000 miles. So now you can drive your ‘B’ every weekend instead of working on it!

STK003W Stage 1 Deluxe Kit 1965-71 $1079.95
STK004W Stage 1 Deluxe Kit 1972-80 $1075.95