Weber Carb Kits

A carb upgrade will give you increased power, reliability and, depending on your carb choice, increased economy. There are many carburetor packages on the market and many levels of power and tuning expertise. The right carb on your car will turn it into a screamer. The wrong carb can be a disaster, causing bogging, rough running, or even making your car slower than before! Avoid the common mistakes; the bigger carb is not necessarily better.

Of all the conversion carbs available, the Weber Downdraft is a great street carb package. This unit is considerably easier to set up than the sidedraft carbs. Unless you plan to race your ‘B’, go with the Weber downdraft. With our support, the Weber downdraft will turn your docile, unreliable ‘B’ into a real performer that you won’t have to work on every weekend!

We deliver our Webers fully jetted and ready to install on your ‘B’. This is not some discount kit thrown together. We have installed hundreds of these kits and from experience know what works and what doesn’t. Our kits have solved all the problems for you. Also supplied is the Weber Downdraft Installation Manual free of charge when you buy our kit. The Manufacturer’s instructions are hopeless and without help your installation can be impossible! In fact 95% of the problems owners are having with their webers are attributable to installation mistakes! To avoid this, we have written this installation manual with all those tips and secrets on how to do it right the first time. This manual will cover smog systems, reventing hoses, common mistakes, carb tuning procedure and timing instructions. Also you can use our 800 number as a hot line! SIMPLY ESSENTIAL!

What is wrong with the stock carbs? Slow acceleration, misfiring at speed, lumpy idle, puffs of black smoke, erratic running, vibration, poor gas economy, failed emission tests, no power, fouled spark plugs, etc. are all symptoms of worn out carbs. You can pay up to $600 to get your old units rebuilt, or you could pay more to get a new stock set-up! The stock set-ups have plenty of problems, so why bother? FOR THE SAME MONEY YOU CAN UPGRADE TO A MODERN CARBURETOR!

’62 – ’74 MGBs
The MGB’s reliability problems are often carburetor-related. With older SUs you can spend more time working on your car than driving it. Though they are a simple carb, they are difficult to adjust even when new and require considerable maintenance time to keep them in tune. As the units wear out, the adjustments become impossible to maintain and huge amounts of horsepower are lost. The floats are prone to flooding and leaking gas unexpectedly! Not fun!

’75 – ’80 MGBs
The single Stromberg eliminated the tedious balancing problems but the incredibly restrictive design dropped the horsepower from 98 to 63 in the process! Leyland never took the USA smog requirements seriously and as a result the later cars were a cobbled affair that were more complex and less reliable than the SUs, not to mention slow and down right dangerous. When the auto choke fails, the carb delivers a thirsty 20 (or less) mpg with the excessive gas keeping the catalytic converter so hot it will burn cherry red! They are also prone to dripping gas onto the hot converter.!! (Keep that fire extinguisher handy!)

Genuine vs after-market Webers
Genuine Webers are made in Spain. They have been for years. They are the real deal. The after-market ones are Chinese copies! They are not the same quality as the genuine units. The market place has been flooded with these Chinese knock-offs and some web sellers are selling them as “genuine”. It is easy to tell the difference between them. The genuine Weber is embossed in the casting with the Weber logo and “Made in Spain”. The Chinese after-market units have a simple Weber logo sticker. Make sure you ask when you are comparing products. Buy the real deal and save yourself the headache of trying to sort out a poorly made carb.

Call us and let us set up a package for you!

MDW001 Genuine Weber – Manual Choke Kit $395.95
MDW001 – AM Aftermarket Weber – Manual Choke Kit $299.95
ADW001 Genuine Weber – Auto Choke Kit $395.95
ADW001 – AM Aftermarket Weber – Auto Choke Kit $299.95
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