If you find yourself asking these questions then you could use some help from Brit-Tek’s ‘Support Team’! We at the Support Team are MGB owners and enthusiasts first and foremost. It is out of this enthusiasm for the car, years and years of experience making them work, and a real desire to help fellow owners that we started Brit-Tek and created the Support Team. Our goal has always been to share our knowledge and success in making the MGB a fast, nimble, safe and reliable car without having to second mortgage the house or completely redesign the car.

First: We are simply MGB enthusiasts. We have owned a number of sports cars in our youth and have never found one that satisfies quite like the ‘B’ and still be affordable! From our love of restoring, driving and maintaining our ‘B’s we naturally looked to make a business out of our passion. Thus, Brit-Tek Ltd. was born. We have now been at it for 22 years and to tell you the truth, we deeply enjoy this business where the worst crisis is when you miss a beautiful day of driving your ‘B’!

Second: We are a small company. This is rarely something to boast about, but in this case, it means when you call us, you are talking to one of the owners. It also means that we depend greatly on your repeat business and we know it. We want you as a customer and that means taking good care of you.

Third: Our philosophy: People are more important than parts! Which means we offer 100% customer satisfaction! We try to do whatever makes it right for you. We always support you and the parts you buy from us. There is never any question about it. This is our Guarantee! How can we offer this you ask? It is simple. We find that MG owners are thrilled to have better than average support and back up. With very few exceptions, problems can easily be worked out with old fashion communication. We rarely have a customer take advantage of our cart blanche guarantee.

A note to the novice MG Owner: We are very aware that many people are uncomfortable calling and talking to people they don’t know, especially when they are not mechanics themselves and are not sure of all the proper terms. No one likes making a fool of themselves. We at Brit-tek Ltd are the same way and we are very sensitive to owners who are just learning about their cars. Believe it or not, you are the majority not the minority and we enjoy taking the extra time to explain things and help you get the correct parts for your MGB. Being a small company allows us to extend our personal touch.