Often a ‘B’ motor will start to show problems that can be corrected without a major engine rebuild. Examples of this are the ’72 – ’80 cars that have soft metal cams. It is very typical to find the car woefully down on horsepower, but running well in all other respects. Another common problem is high oil consumption or smoking, yet the basic engine is otherwise in good shape. For these situations we have designed a Minor Engine Kit that can be done with the engine left in the car.

Will a Minor Kit work for me?

The basic requirements are: Your engine should be under 100,000 miles and the oil pressure is still above 55 psi after driving at highway speeds for more than a half an hour. If so, then more than likely you can freshen-up your engine with this kit. If done before major engine failure, the Minor Engine Kit can give you as much as another 60,000 miles before major engine work is needed.

Though this kit will benefit all 5 main bearing engines, it is ideal for those of you with cars who need to replace the cam. Stepping up to a streetable performance cam will not only return the punch to your horse power, but will improve it dramatically. It only makes sense that if you are going to pull the head and the oil pan to change the cam, that you put in new rings, rod bearings and an oil pump!


FEK001 1965 – 71 (pre 18V) $395.95
FEK002 1972 – 80 (18V) $369.95