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We are already getting here on consoles at a certain price, but this is still relatively affordable. The performances are already good, but what characterizes them the most is their compactness: you will have the possibility to place them wherever you want! After all, you can play all the games on the go and have basically the full feature set that you will need. Our benchmark is this: If it can play games on the best casino sites, then it’s a winner in our book. If you want to be a winner, you should visit this page to get the latest no deposit codes available on the market.

PlayStation 4 Slim: The Best Mid-Range


  • Does not heat
  • Compact size
  • Good performance
  • Low consumption
  • Physical buttons


  • A little noisy (although less than the Fat)
  • Available in 500 GB only

As we know, Sony offers us, systematically, for each of its consoles, a more “compact”, the slim. I opted for this model, rather than the Fat, simply because I had the opportunity…

What then? Here I give you my experience, coupled with those of other specialists (gamers included Yes, yes !), on this console than Sony! A real gamer will never miss the opportunity to get an offer like this $200 + 100 free spins no deposit bonus and play real money casino games powered by Microgaming for free.

As I said, Slim is less imposing than Fat: the PS4 Slim measures 10 mm less in width, 17 mm less in depth and is refined by 14 mm, for total dimensions of 265 x 288 x 39 mm. The console also loses 700 grams, which makes it a little more discreet in the living room.

And the Mate Hull plays an important part in this feat, not to mention, it must be said, that one sees much less dust than on a shiny Hull! For those of you who are quivering at this sobriety, please know that it is possible to customize the Shell in question with stickers…or to opt for a limited edition of the PS4.

The ejection and ignition buttons, present on the front, are physical; we also find, of course, the connector (2 USB 3.1, an HDMI compatible HDR) and the orifice of the Blu-ray drive (of the mange-disc type, but unfortunately not UHD) in the “groove” that goes around the console and that makes it so elegant. Some may lament the absence of optical output, however present on older models from Sony…

There is also Bluetooth 4.0 (as opposed to 2.1) and Wi-Fi at 5 GHz (a/b/g/n/ac, as opposed to b/g/n only on the 1st PS4). The power supply is integrated and connects to the mains via a 2-pin socket cord.

And another important point for me (apart from the performances of course): the consumption, which goes up to 165 W (against 250 W on the other version). In short, it consumes nothing once turned off, almost nothing in standby mode and reasonably when turned on: a further justification to keep it at home!

If you want to change the hard disk (yes, I agree 500 GB, that’s a bit fair), it is possible, because the console is easily removable, something that also facilitates its maintenance. For my part, I put my console in an open cabinet, which helps to protect it from dust while keeping it a little space for ventilation.

On the performance side, however, the PS4 Slim won nothing compared to The Fat. If you are looking for more fluid and more precise games, I suggest you look for the PS4 Pro, which is incomparable at this level…at Sony at least (I recognize that the Xbox One X is very well defended and comes out ex aequo with the Pro).

It is also less noisy than Fat, but it is not completely discreet, especially on demanding games such as Horizon Zero Dawn…(I am quite sensitive to noise, so I pay attention to it faster). It is already a very nice improvement; I quibble a bit!!

As far as the controller is concerned, the one automatically proposed is still the one I prefer. To know more, I invite you to read the comparative that I dedicated to the best controllers for PS4, where I describe it in length, in width, and across.

I had a crush on the PS4 Slim a few years ago and am very satisfied with it, like many other players, but I must say that I would not say no to the Pro, who is making me more and more of an eye (which I describe later in this comparison). For parents who don’t know what to offer their children, this console is a good place to start and “get the hang of it”.

Microsoft Xbox One S: An Xbox That Defends Itself very well


  • HDR compatibility (Blu-ray and games)
  • Super silent
  • Bluetooth controller compatible PC
  • Nothing more powerful than the Xbox One


  • No battery built into the controller (or advantage, it’s up to you)
  • Adapter to buy to use the Kinect

I’ll make you a confession : I’ve never signed up to the Xbox, not because of its performance, which is well worth Sony’s performance (and in some cases exceeds it), but rather the user interface (no, I’m not a fan of Microsoft) and its controller, which I’ve never been able to do…

But when I see the Xbox One S, I admit to being tempted… its design, already, is super elegant: white, it’s just very classy! Well, I’d be curious to see if she stays that way in the long run, but when we’re regular gamers, the problem doesn’t arise!

Here we are on a compact lounge console equipped with a front USB port, a Blu-ray UHD player, an integrated power supply (unlike the first Xbox, which offered an external block), an HDMI input / output, two USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, an optical digital audio output, an infrared output and a Kensington anti-theft port… has clearly disappeared. Oh, yeah?

Now, if you want to connect the Kinect camera, be aware that you have to use the Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S, which is not included… but available separately for € 50.

So far, nothing to say, she’s not bad. But apparently, the real change is in the controller: the plastic at the back has been micro-perforated, to allow a better grip; the joysticks are more resistant (important for great players !); Microsoft has even integrated a headphone output and a Bluetooth module!

Well, the Bluetooth is good, but it seems that it is only applicable to one controller and with the installation of the Anniversary Update of Windows 10… the other controllers will have to be connected by a USB cable and still work on AA batteries. One might think that planning an internal battery would be a challenge that would motivate Microsoft…Well, no! Shame!

Also, the console consumes less, in general, because of its fine 16-nanometer engraving. The difference between the Xbox One and The One S is 40% (and it’S the same in UHD and FullHD).

And as a bonus, it is silent, another criterion of choice for a lounge console. It’s simple; you can’t hear it in the room. I’m used to a little background noise with my Slim PS4; I admit that the Xbox One S would tempt me, just for that!

The games, even in HD, work well; fortunately, otherwise, it would go down in my esteem!

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