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Adok Aura is the meeting assistant launched by Adok, a start-up created in April 2016 in Palaiseau. It presents itself as a desktop PC in the form of a tower. It is a mobile computer with an integrated touch screen. It aims to revolutionize company meetings by making them more interactive, more captive, and more productive.

Project Incubation

“When I worked in a data visualization company, I found meeting tools inadequate,” confides The Factory Nouvelle Paul Péretié, co-founder and general manager of the start-up. They were expensive, complicated to use, and often posed technical problems. By founding Adok with two doctors of science, I wanted to create a simpler, more user-friendly and cheaper solution. ”

The start-up, which now has 18 employees, was incubated at X.the project took two and a half years to develop. The result is considered mind-boggling.  “We have the most powerful touch projection system in the world,” Péretié says. In the same device, we combine a Windows PC, a Touch projector, and a battery that makes the system mobile. No need to calibrate. You put it on a table, and it works right now. ”

Map of the “Made in EU”

The LED projection engine comes from iView in China. But the image recognition algorithm is developed internally. This is the technological heart of the system. “It guarantees reactivity of 30 milliseconds and a precision of the order of millimeters on a standard projection surface of 1 meter diagonal,” says the managing director. We protect it through mechanisms other than patents. On the other hand, we have two patents. ”

The Adok Aura is sold for € 2,499. It is presented as an economical, simple and compact alternative to the traditional interactive paintings and tactile surfaces proposed by Barco, Epson, Canon, Sharp or Microsoft and which cost up to 9,000 euros according to Paul Péretié. The start-up is playing the “Made in EU” card. The electronic cards are made at Systech in Gallardon, Eure-et-Loir, and the complete system is assembled at Evosens, Quiberon, Brittany. “We want to keep production in France,” says the head of the start-up. It’s something we care about a lot. We have a high added value product. What we would save in costs by moving to manufacture to Asia, we would lose in transport, flexibility, and reliability. With production in France, we have a rational and economic industrial model. ”

A Round Table of 4 to 6 Millions

The nugget has already sold around 100 products in France, Germany, the United States, and Asia, and plans to reach a delivery volume of 700 by the end of the year. Paul Péretié then counts on a volume of several thousand a year. After a first fund – raising of € 1 million in 2018, he is preparing another round table of € 4-6 million by the end of the year to finance international development. He hopes to increase revenue from more than € 1 million in 2019 to several million in 2020, with at least a doubling of staff.


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