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Peco Big Bore Exhaust System
Peco Big Bore Kit

Peco Exhaust includes:

  • Peco Big Bore exhaust system
  • Brackets

Peco/peco Combo includes:

  • Peco Racing Header
  • Peco Big Bore Exhaust System
  • Manifold Gasket
  • Brackets
The Peco Big Bore Exhaust System is truly a performance system! Unlike so many systems that claim to increase power, but only increase noise, the Peco delivers. There is no finer street exhaust on the market. It has a full 2" bore and completely free flow (you can drop a golf ball right through this system!) and made of heavy gauge mild steel. Here in New England we get seven years out of a Peco system and that's running all year round. A typical system will give up the ghost within four years!

The Peco is a sports exhaust and produces a very satisfying note. Often a performance exhaust will sound good at idle and while accelerating, but then turns into a howling banshee on the highway and literally drives you out of the car. This might be fine for a race car, but hardly acceptable for a street machine. The Peco is a street legal system. When accelerating, this exhaust has the sweetest growl you will ever hear. But cruising at highway speeds it is quieter than stock!

The lack of any middle resonator simplifies the system and allows you more ground clearance (something every 'B' can use!). This also makes room to fit a slip and clamp American made performance catalytic converter where the middle resonator use to be and thus satisfying many emission laws.

The Peco is all slip and clamp fitting - no welding needed. Comes with all the brackets and hanger to take it to the stock exhaust mounts. This system is perfect for the do-it-your-selfer.


PEX003 Peco Exhaust System 1962-80 Out of stock
PEX034 Peco/ Peco Combo
Buy the famous Peco header and exhaust as a package and save!
Out of stock

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